Monday, September 5, 2011

Creating a One-of-A-Kind Photo Frame

As I mentioned in my last post I recently visited Portland, Oregon. I stayed with my friend Merry and her daughter. Merry was the most amazing hostess and spent a lot of time and energy showing me the around the Portland area and making me so welcome. So I wanted to send Merry a special 'thank you'.

I decided to create a unique photo frame, using a map of Portland and some Mod Podge.

Step 1: I measured the size of the frame and cut the map into strips.

Step 2: I placed the strips where I wanted them, overlapping the corners. Then I trimmed off the excess.

3. Finally, I Mod Podged the pieces thoroughly, let it dry, and this is the finished result.

I'm really happy with it and think it looks great.

This is so easy. Just take a map from any city or even a country and make a one-of-a-kind photo frame for youself or as a gift.

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