Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finishing the Unfinished #3

A few months ago I started the Twin-Prufe Design No. 4295 Spring Magic. A thank you to Bex for  generously provided the pattern for free on her web site. I finished the knitting and sewed up the pieces fairly quickly...and then, of course, I had to try and find 16 'perfect' buttons. As you can imagine, this part took much longer and the cardigan has been sitting, waiting.
I eventually bought some "definitely-not-perfect" buttons and sewed them on yesterday.

So, ta-da, 3rd finished item.

This was my first time blocking, even though I had made several jumpers and cardigans before when I was much younger, this was a process I wasn't even aware of until I saw it on Liz's blog. I pinned the pieces to some flat foam over which I had put a plastic table cloth (the cheap ones you use once and throw away). It worked out pretty well, although, since my house isn't big and I have a cat that will sit on everything you don't want her to, I did end up moving the foam and knitted pieces to different spots around my house depending on which area was not being used.

More pictures of the cardigan....

Wow, I really need to improve my photos! I think the problem is that I should take them earlier in the day when there is more light. At night, even with the lights on, it's too dark and with the slow shutter speed I inevitably move the camera and end up with blurry pictures.
Verdict: I'm extremely happy with the knitting. The tension is even and neat; the pattern is quite pretty. The one problem I have is the size. I want it to be snug and it's more of a blousy fit. I'm thinking of handwashing it and then drying it without shaping in the hope that it might shrink. If that doesn't work, then someone in my family might be getting a little gift! 


  1. It's lovely!!! I personally love a little blousy cardigan. You can always make the next one more fitted and leave this one blousey. :)
    I'm soo going to hunt this one down on Ravelry and add it to my favorites. I love that you knit this up with a fun color too, not just with a neutral. What are you going to pair with it on your bottom half?

    If you're still wanting to shrink it up a bit, I'd try to put it under a hot, steamy iron (providing that your yarn is superwash of course). If it's not a superwash yarn then you may end up with a felted mess. I had to do this recently to fix a sleeve issue I was having. The stitches ended up getting really tight as a result so I know it can be done. One thing you should watch out for is shrinkage in the length... since you don't want that.

  2. It looks very good have showed dad, he says very nice the buttons look a treat.